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How To Renew Scaled Agile Certification? 

By Agile Exam Academy

May 13, 2022

The most common duration for any SAFe® credential is one year, the industry standard. Scaled Agile will send you an e-mail reminder if your credentials need to be renewed.

If you do not pay the renewal fee after a year, your SAFe® certification will be terminated. If you wish to keep your SAFe® certification and receive a bundle renewal of all of your SAFe® certifications, then you must renew it at one of three levels.

To maintain your SAFe® professional status, you may renew your membership in the organization. When you go to your Community Platform account and select “Renew Now,” a “Renew Now” button will appear on the screen.

A page showing you where you can renew your selected membership will appear after clicking the button. This article will show you how to renew scaled agile certification.

What is SAFe®?

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) can assist you in making the shift to Agile effectively. SAFe®, an agile framework, may be used to organize software development and improvement. This is a fantastic approach for teams of developers to document their agile work processes in a way that may be adopted throughout the organization.

Participants will learn how to apply Lean-Agile thinking principles to help Agile teams, programs, and portfolio management with the aid of SAFe® training programs. Moreover, SAFe® is a framework for managing IT projects that includes roles, processes, and leadership to assist with the process.

The objective of SAFe® is to allow many agile development teams to give what the company needs, when it needs it, as frequently and regularly as possible. That’s all there is to it. According to most polls, SAFe® is the most widely used corporate Agile approach, with 33% of respondents employing it.

Get a SAFe® certification to back up your real-world expertise as more firms try to scale Agile. Moreover, A highly suggested certification for demonstrating your Agile abilities and experience is the SAFe® or Scaled Agile Framework.

how to renew scaled agile certification
How to renew scaled agile certification


Membership tiers include:

  • The ACFE membership includes several benefits, including a free copy of the SPC or SPCT certifications ($895 per year). However, This membership allows SPCs and SPCTs to keep their certifications current, access SAFe® material, and train others on how to transition toward Lean-Agile transformation.
  • The Certified SAFe® Membership is accessible to members who have already obtained one or more SAFe® certificates. Except for SPC and SPCT, all certifications may read primary and some advanced content, course learnings, and assets.
  • Individual SAFe® Membership is a fantastic alternative for those who don’t want to earn certification but still want access to the SAFe® Community Platform’s extensive library of tools. It does not come with re-certification. 

The SAFe® Certification Renewal Process

After that, you’ll have the option to renew your membership for another four months. Click “Renew Now” to continue using the Community Platform when you first log in. You will direct to a website where you may renew your selected membership after clicking the button.

Your homepage’s SAFe® Community Platform profile also includes a link to your “My Certs” page, where you may view all of your credentials. This is where you’ll discover all of your certifications, and the expiration date on them will be based on when your membership expires.


Many factors, including determining the expiration of a member’s membership:

  • When purchasing a Single Membership; Taking a Course; Renewing Your Membership, or Attending an Implementation SAFe® (FOR SPC MEMBERSHIPS ONLY).
  • The Scaled Agile Framework may be certified. These credentials are only available through taking the exam. However, the examinees are given 90 minutes to answer 45 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions (1.5 hours). There is no respite between the start of the test and its conclusion.
  • Candidates must log into the SAFe® Community Platform to take the test. During the exam, only one browser and no outside assistance are allowed. The format of all SAFe® certification examinations, except for passing percentages and prerequisites, is similar.
  • When the passing scores for each certification range from 73% to 77%, implying that you must answer 33 to 35 questions correctly to pass the SAFe® test. The examination is only in English.
how to renew scaled agile certification
How to renew scaled agile certification

The Scaled Agile Framework Offers Several Different Certifications

When it comes to putting the SAFe® framework into practice and leading the project, several positions must fill. The Scrum Master, Advanced Scrum Master, and Release Train Engineer are examples of these roles. 

The SAFe® Certification Retake Process

Attendees will have the opportunity to receive SAFe® certifications. If you don’t pass the first time or fail to take the course within 30 days, you may retake the test.

However, students who finish the course and take the exam within 30 days entitled to a refund of all costs. Retaking the test, on the other hand, entails additional fees.

SAFe® Agilest Certification Return on Investment (ROI)

With a SAFe certification, you could work for any Fortune 500 company in the United States or abroad. Lean-Agile organizations benefit from SAFe-certified experts.

The SCAMPI® certification marks a distinction in the insurance and financial services industry. But to use Lean-Agile principles in large enterprises, you’ll need the SAFe® Agilist certificate.

On average, $13,000 was observed in compensation for SAFe®-certified professionals. Since becoming certified, 78% of experts have noticed an increased demand for their services.

Acquiring Certification As a SAFe® Agilist

The certification of a SAFe® Agilist is fantastic. There are no pass/fail criteria for this task. To take the Leading SAFe® Agilist Exam, you must satisfy the following requirements.

Use SAFe® in an organization to continuously explore, integrate, deploy, and release value. However, Lean-Agile leadership abilities may enhance, and the ideas of Lean-Agile proliferation throughout the company.

The Lean-Agile transformation must implement at the corporate level to achieve business agility. Because to bring about large solutions, all projects should benefit from enhanced communication and coordination. Moreover, it is necessary to use a Lean Portfolio and an Agile approach throughout the company, not simply in IT.


If you do not renew your SAFe® professional status, it is not necessary to keep your certification up. Select “Renew Now” when you first log in to continue using the Community Platform. This button may also use to renew your subscription. Read this to keep your scaled agile certification up to date. You may renew your SAFe® Community Platform membership in the next four months. Moreover, there are 45 multiple-choice and pick questions in 90 minutes (1.5 hours). During the test, there is only permission for a single browser.

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