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What Is Scaled Agile Certification?

By Agile Exam Academy

May 17, 2022

A Lean-Agile firm wants to ensure that any new employees it accepts are ready to do the task. A SAFe-certified applicant has standing. Every edge counts in a global market when you attempt to speed up time-to-market and enhance client experiences. Businesses have embraced agile methodologies to improve the quality of their software development methods.

Working in an agile environment may improve your pay and employment prospects, so learning how to do so is good. Becoming SAFe certified indicates that you are serious about the framework and can handle a role in an agile setting.

But what is Scaled agile certification? What does it imply to be SAFe certified, and how can you get it? What is the procedure for obtaining it, and what happens during the process? Let’s look at this internationally renowned accreditation and how it may benefit your career.

What Is Safe?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a framework created by Scaled Agile Inc., certified as SAFe. It’s the most common framework today, with over a third of businesses worldwide utilizing it.

The SAFe method combines lean and agile principles within a framework of workflow patterns for businesses to follow. The objective is for firms to expand across their organizations to achieve project and strategic goals. Although it began in the software development sector, this concept is now used in many different sectors at both business and government agency scales.

Organizations use SAFe because it offers a well-defined and validated project management framework. The structure emphasizes people while also outlining each member of the team’s obligations to deliver high-quality products.

What Is SAFe Certification?

The Scaled Agile professional certification is designed for individuals who work in agile settings and want to demonstrate their capabilities and attitudes. However, certified specialists can assist organizations with lean and agile cultures to achieve their business goals and changes.

To obtain certification, you must pass a specific exam to demonstrate that you comprehend the SAFe concepts concerning your job. These certificates exist at three levels:

  1. Foundational
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Before taking the Architectural Engineering exam, you must complete preparation courses such as SAFe for Architects, Advanced SCRUM Master, and project management. Most tests require job experience in a specific discipline.

what is scaled agile certification
What is scaled agile certification?

It is critical to show that you have the necessary skills and understanding to perform the task in your tests. You are also urged to enhance your education by reading recommended books and viewing suggested films in addition to the course material.

You must complete the following stages to be certified:

  • Attend the course that is necessary for the exam.
  • Make the most of all available resources to help you learn better.
  • Take the practice exam.
  • Take the exam
  • Join the SAFe community and take part in it!

SAFe Principles

The SAFe is based on tried and true Lean and Agile ideas that have revolutionized the way businesses are run. They provide a paradigm that focuses leaders on developing successful organizations by providing a value-driven (both human and economic) perspective.

The following are the clear SAFe Principles that SAFe practices are based on:

  • Take a look at the money aspect.
  • Apply systems thinking
  • Keep your options open; assume that things can go wrong.
  • Expand your expertise by making frequent, integrated changes over time.
  • Milestones should base on an objective analysis of working systems.
  • Reduce batch sizes and queue durations and track and manage work-in-progress.
  • Synchronize your timetable with cross-domain planning by keeping track of your cadence.
  • Unlock the knowledge workers’ natural desire to learn.
  • Decentralized decision-making

Who Gets SAFe Certified

You’ve undoubtedly looked into SAFe certification as a means of climbing the career ladder if you’re already operating in the SCRUM and agile world. With over 700,000 people trained in SAFe, it’s a secure profession track to pursue.

Numerous certifications are accessible, allowing people in various jobs to pursue them. The sort of work you do now, intend to do later or wish to perform once you’ve achieved your certification will determine the kind of certification you pick.

Certification may be pretty beneficial for a wide range of occupations. It gives employers peace of mind to know that the individual they hire has demonstrated competence in carrying out the task.

Since the levels of experience, you have with SCRUM determine whether you should pursue one of the two certifications. There’s a distinct certification just for product owners. The credential is intended to assist software engineers in better understanding their role in today’s large-scale agile setting.

Managers, directors, and executives can all earn SAFe certificates. These courses and credentials have designed to help people in these positions understand the framework from a management standpoint so that they may lead the organization’s agile strategy.

Is Safe Implementation Timely?

The speed at which a firm adapts to changes in demand and production determines due to the culture, structure, history, and other organization-specific characteristics.

Moreover, the typical pattern for an agile team to go from experimental change to operational effectiveness (not necessarily high performance) is three iterations — three cycles to understand and accept responsibilities and processes.

what is scaled agile certification

It may take up to 9 months for a project or team to develop the capacity required for long-term viability. As maturity increases, performance will improve as well.

Moreover, the critical element for a company is the number of teams to convert and at what rate, which affects due to transformation team’s internal and external maturity.

Advantages of Certification

Because most people who obtain SAFe certifications aim to advance their vocations, it is a popular choice of accreditation. Because most businesses trust SAFe qualifications, having the word “SAFe” on your CV immediately conveys honesty.

Almost every firm seeking a skilled and experienced individual will pay more. This can result in a more excellent wage package, regardless of the company or industry.

As a consequence of increased demand for your talents and the opportunity to network within the SAFe community, your employment possibilities may improve. You’ll be able to apply for any job that needs certification, and you’ll be able to showcase your success with a digital badge on your CV.


If you’re considering an exciting career in software testing but lack the necessary certifications or training courses, there are numerous ways to acquire them. Since your decision should be based on your desired professional path and any knowledge gaps or areas you need to strengthen or fill in.

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